The Rutles - Archaeology CD only £2.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV (+ Quidco)

The Rutles - Archaeology CD only £2.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV (+ Quidco)

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Found 15th Dec 2008
The Rutles was a fictional band created by Eric Idle and Neil Innes as a pastiche of The Beatles. The group is known because of the 1978 mockumentary television film, All You Need Is Cash (often referred to as just The Rutles). The film was written by Idle, who directed it with Gary Weis. It featured 20 songs written by Innes, which he performed with three musicians. A soundtrack album in 1978 was followed in 1996 by Archaeology spoofing the Beatles' Anthology series.And here it is........

Track Listing
1. Major Happy's Up And Coming Once Upon A Good Time Band
2. Rendezvous
3. Questionnaire
4. We've Arrived! (And To Prove It We're Here)
5. Lonely-Phobia
6. Unfinished Words
7. Hey Mister!
8. Easy Listening
9. Now She's Left You
10. The Knicker Elastic King
11. I Love You
12. Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Musik
13. Joe Public
14. Shangri-La
15. Don't Know Why
16. Back In '64
17. Lullaby
18. Baby S'il Vous Plait
19. My Little Ukelele
20. Under My Skin
21. Rut-A-Lot

Ron Nasty (styled after John Lennon) played by Neil Innes;
Dirk McQuickly (styled after Paul McCartney) played by Eric Idle
Stig O'Hara (styled after George Harrison) played by Ricky Fataar;
Barry Wom (born Barrington Womble) (styled after Ringo Starr) played by John Halsey (the character's truncated surname was a play on how Ringo had changed his surname 'Starkey' to 'Starr');
(Hamburg only) 'Leppo, The Fifth Rutle' (styled after Stuart Sutcliffe) seen only in a still photograph the photo showed Ollie Halsall, the fourth musician who played and sang on the soundtrack.
The Rutles members in the original skit on Rutland Weekend Television, which subsequently aired on Saturday Night Live, were:

Nasty Neil Innes;
Stig David Battley;
Dirk Eric Idle;
Barry John Halsey.
On the original skit "Stig" is the Paul McCartney character and was portrayed by Batley, with Idle portraying the George Harrison character as "Dirk". The Ringo Starr character was originally named Barry. (Mistakenly identified on the "Rutland Weekend Songbook" album as "Kevin", the ONLY appearance of this name.) None of the characters is given a last name or in Nasty's case a first name in the original sketch.

In addition to two albums, Innes and Halsey toured as The Rutles in the UK augmented by other musicians. The touring group performs songs from the Rutles repertoire and from Innes's own career.

The touring version:

Neil Innes piano, guitar and vocals;
John Halsey drums;
Mark Griffiths bass guitar and vocals;
Mickey Simmonds keyboards and vocals;
Ken Thornton lead guitar;(nicknamed "Rutling" by Neil Innes)
J.J. Jones percussion.
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