The Saboteur (XBox 360) £12.95 delivered @ + 4% quidco

The Saboteur (XBox 360) £12.95 delivered @ + 4% quidco

Found 3rd Aug 2010
Hi all,

I know lots of people were very disappointed two or three months ago when they missed out on this for £9.99 at HMV- did anyone actually ever get them though, or were they all cancelled??

Anyway, I thought I'd check up the latest price and it's currently sat at a quite reasonable £12.95 at, which is certainly the cheapest price I'm seeing at the moment (including pre-owned). 4% quidco on this comes to somewhere around 50p, so you're looking at around £12.45 after quidco. This is one that passed me by when it was release but I've always intended to play it at some point. I may well just do that now it's down to a price I consider reasonable and aside from anything else, this will likely tide over anyone suffering the annual Summer games drought.


Really enjoyed this game great price

I enjoyed this game, very similar in play style to Mercs 2 which I also enjoyed, more so in fact although I'm sure some people will disagree with me.
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