The Second World War In Colour (DVD) - £3.99 @ Play.com
The Second World War In Colour (DVD) - £3.99 @ Play.com

The Second World War In Colour (DVD) - £3.99 @ Play.com

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Review: Almost all of our recollections of the Second World War are in black and white. But years of research have unearthed hours of previously unseen colour film offering a completely new portrait of the war. The result is The Second World War In Colour - a remarkable insight into the event that shaped our modern world.

Dramatic colour footage from as early as 1933 shows home movies of Adolf Hitler and his cohorts, the devastation wrought by the Blitz, life on the home front, d-Day and the Allied Invasion of France, British Bombers defying German fighters, the horror of the holocaust that greeted troops as they entered Germany and the jubilation of VE Day.

With John Thaw's narration and spoken accounts from the letters and diaries of those who fought, those who survived, and those the war claimed as victims, this three part documentary is an extraordinary remembrance.

Year 1999 * Languages English - Dolby Digital (2.0) Stereo * Duration 2 hours and 45 minutes (approx)


Nice spot.

Next cheapest £13.49.

Voted Hot & Rep given.

Showing as "Out of stock", but ordered anyway.

Anyone have this? Not seen it before so looking for thoughts from someone who has seen it.

Also, is it just me, or do play.com not get more stock for aaaaaaaages???

Nice one, voted +

Thanks for the pointer Nice price and sorry I haven't seen it kelly_o_fanatic so can't comment on its content.

Just signed up to the site

Thanks for this, I have ordered the dvd, nice price. I voted HOT:santa: :thumbsup:

Reviews from Amazon

An almost essential historical document, 10 Nov 2005
Reviewer: Mr. P. D. Humphreys "peedurr" (Swindon, UK) - See all my reviews

This is a very well-designed view of WWII - the colour film is a pleasure to watch, and of course makes things seem just that bit more 'real' - we like to watch in colour, it's as simple as that. The spread of material is good - I would dearly have loved to see some colour film of Stalingrad, but considering the conditions there then, we are lucky to get even colour still photographs! I find John Thaw's voice slow and dragging rather than imposing, but that's only a minor criticism.

Excellent picture shame about the accompanying text, 13 Feb 2003
Reviewer: Mr. D. Thorn (Brierley Hill, West Midlands United Kingdom) - See all my reviews

Although this features fantastic quality footage and is narrated by the late John Thaw. The text-voice-over accompanying the footage is basic and gives no detailed information on World War 2. I would only recommend this as a introduction to world war 2 and for more the more serious historian to save there pennies and buy the superior “World At War” boxset, which features most of the colour footage anyway.

A 'must have' for the WW2 historian !, 5 Jan 2002
Reviewer: A viewer
A great documentary, John Thaw being an excellent choice for narrator. These colour images realy bring home the fact that the world was at war, only 60 years or so, ago !
The only thing that I would like to know is, whare did they get all that fantastic footage ?

Excellent documentary, 11 Sep 2001
Reviewer: Miquel Viñeta ([email protected]) (Barcelona, Spain) - See all my reviews
Excellent documentary about World War II. Incredible quality of image, very rare to see still fifty years after the event. Wery well conducted with pieces of anonymous people's diaries, which enforce the realism of the pictures.

War In Your Living Room, 3 Jan 2001
Reviewer: A viewer
First shown on terrestrial TV, "The Second World War In Colour" is even more spectacular on DVD. Containing extra footage that was never broadcast, this collection of stunning films tracks World War II from the rise of Nazism to the devastating nuclear attack on Japan, featuring diary extracts from participants ranging from average housewives to German propagandist Josef Goebbels along the way. The colour footage, backed up by John Thaw's gritty narration, brings astounding realism to a conflict that has previously only been viewed in black and white; film of Adolf Hitler and several co-horts relaxing at their Bavarian retreat is disturbingly intimate, with the camera never straying more than a few yards from the infamous German Chancellor. Gruesome images of piled corpses piled in concentration camps are also included, but the exposure of such distressing material is never gratuitous. In addition, it must be pointed out that scenes of frontline battle and the formation of the mushroom cloud over Hiroshima are most definitely not for the weak-at-heart. The special features of this disc are comprised of 15-minutes of never-before-seen footage, ascene selection menu, and the ability to instantly access diary extracts. Overall, an excellent DVD, and an essential purchase, especially for post-war generations.

yep nice spot
on order
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Hope this comes in again soon!

Thanks for the reviews very helpful

I remember this when it was on TV.

It's really well done, but there are some seriously disturbing scenes which I found really upsetting at the time. Simulated violence and death in a movie is one thing, but watching it really happening is something else - something that I felt very uncomfortable with.

That said, this is an important and fascinating part of recent(ish) history, and the documentary is excellent - the colour footage adds a whole new dimension. I wouldn't let my kids watch it though.

Yellow Dog

Nice spot.Next cheapest £13.49.Voted Hot & Rep given.Showing as "Out of … Nice spot.Next cheapest £13.49.Voted Hot & Rep given.Showing as "Out of stock", but ordered anyway.

I have just ordered one too. Do you know when it will be back in stock?

Thank you


I have just ordered one too. Do you know when it will be back in … I have just ordered one too. Do you know when it will be back in stock?Thank you

I find that play dont get new stock in very often, but if enough people order this then I think they will do

Back in stock !!!!!!


Back in stock !!!!!!

Had an email today, my copy is in the post :thumbsup:

Mine is also in the post checked my mail this morning and there was nothing there, just seen this thread so I checked it again and I now have the email :giggle: Thought they had forgotten about me

Fantastic tip guys, I received my copy on Monday after ordering Thursday night.

1/2 way through now and must say its fantastic, id of paid full price for this!

Thanks for this, seem to remember it being on TV not too long ago and Hubby enjoyed it. Maybe Easter pressie? :thumbsup:

Thanks monstermunch,great price.
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