The Seldom Seen Kid - Elbow CD - £3.98 delivered @ Amazon

The Seldom Seen Kid - Elbow CD - £3.98 delivered @ Amazon

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# Starlings (5:05)
# Bones of You (4:49)
# Mirrorball (5:50
# Grounds for Divorce (3:39)
# Audience with the Pope (4:27)
# Weather to Fly (4:29)
# Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver (5:14)
# Fix (4:27)
# Some Riot (5:23)
# One Day Like This (6:34)
# Friend of Ours (4:38)

Epic post-rock tinged emotional indie stalwarts Elbow release their fourth album 'The Seldom Seen Kid', another staunchand anthemic collection of songs. The tense and emotional sound of previous records remains, but with a distinctly morecommercial riff-based template, particularly on lead single'Grounds For Divorce'. The band produced the record themselves, as with previous outings, lending it a homespun qualitythat would be out of synch with any external influence. Revered by their peers as a reliably independent act, Elbow have created a subtly innovative extension of their sound and scope with 'The Seldom Seen Kid'.


Decent price. But was really underwhelmed with this album after Reading and hearing such positive reviews on it.

Super good album. Heated (and front paged )

Had to laugh when the radio adverts were coming on regularly plugging this album and it used to start...

"from the biggest band of our time...................."

I was like WHAT???????...most people would probably never even heard of Elbow let alone feel they are the BIGGEST BAND OF OUR TIME!!!!

Also had to laugh when i heard the very same advert a few months later and they had removed that dubious quote....they obviously had a LOT of complaints!!!! haha

What a crazy statement though....

Fabulous album, fabulous group, brilliant price and includes my best all time favourite song - "One day like this"

The band of 2009 for me!!!

Incredible album with soft solemn songs which make your heart ache and some head nodding anthems too, so something for all the family.

Have to admit I prefer "leaders of the free world" but if you buy this then the money you saved at full retail you could treat yourself to it at the same time.

Hot from me

RIP Bryan Glancy

Amazing album, though I do also prefer Leaders of the Free World and Cast of Thosands.

4 Brilliant albums - amazing band


Heat and Rep added

Weather to Fly is a Niceeeeee tune !

Been £3.99 on HMV for ages...... decent price though

amazing album. Listen to this 3 times, and you will be hooked.
I like it more, the more I listen to it.
Guy Garvey's voice is mesmerising
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