The Shawshank Redemption  (3 disks) Special edition £4.99 at and Amazon

The Shawshank Redemption (3 disks) Special edition £4.99 at and Amazon

Found 9th Jun 2010
City Banker Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) is in Shawshank State Prison after receiving a double life sentence for murder. There he meets Red (Morgan Freeman) and also forms friendships with the warden and prison guards. Andy soon finds that you either get on with living or you get on with dying.

Adapted from a novella taken from Stephen King's 'Different Seasons' (a collection of stories that would also spawn STAND BY ME and APT PUPIL), THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION marked the first foray into the realms of the writer for director Frank Darabont. In the years since the release of THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, Darabont has directed two other King Adaptations, THE GREEN MILE and THE MIST. Considered to be a financial failure upon its release, and overshadowed by PULP FICTION and FORREST GUMP at the Oscars, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION has since been re-evaluated as something of a modern classic.


Why 3 disks. what could possibly go on them?

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Why 3 disks. what could possibly go on them?

New Theatrical Trailer.
Memorable Quotes.
Commentary By Frank Darabont
Hope Springs Eternal - A Look Back At Shawshank Redemption
Shawshank:The Redeeming Feature
The Charlie Rose Show With:Frank Darabont, Tim Robbins And Morgan Freeman (2004 US Broadcast).
Shawshank Stills Gallery:Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, Supporting Cast And Behind The Scenes.
Shawshank Storyboards.
Tim Robbins Interview (Andy Dufresne, Inmate 37927).
Morgan Freeman Interview (Ellis Boyd ''Red'' Redding).
Bob Gunton Interview (Warden Samuel Norton)
William Sadler Interview (Heyward, Inmate 32365).
Clancy Brown Interview (Capt.Byron Hadley)
Original On Location Footage.
Original Theatrical Trailer.

bloomin eck!

Seems a good set but I bought the 1 disc edition a couple of years ago and will probably buy the Blu-ray instead at some point.
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