The Shawshank Redemption [Blu-ray] £8.98 DELIVERED @ Amazon
The Shawshank Redemption [Blu-ray]  £8.98 DELIVERED @ Amazon

The Shawshank Redemption [Blu-ray] £8.98 DELIVERED @ Amazon

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City Banker Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) is in Shawshank State Prison after receiving a double life sentence for murder. There he meets Red (Morgan Freeman) and also forms friendships with the warden and prison guards. Andy soon finds that you either get on with living or you get on with dying.

Adapted from a novella taken from Stephen King's 'Different Seasons' (a collection of stories that would also spawn STAND BY ME and APT PUPIL), THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION marked the first foray into the realms of the writer for director Frank Darabont. In the years since the release of THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, Darabont has directed two other King Adaptations, THE GREEN MILE and THE MIST. Considered to be a financial failure upon its release, and overshadowed by PULP FICTION and FORREST GUMP at the Oscars, THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION has since been re-evaluated as something of a modern classic.


£8.99 @ HMV + Quidco

Is this film any good?

Great film but on channel 4 this saturday at 9pm for FREE

Original Poster

its a really good film, i cant believe there is someone alive that hasnt seen it yet!! :-D

I also recomend man on fire and taken


Thanks for the tip on the film this Sat as I was not sure what this film was like!

yes, one of my favourite films (the novella is WAY better though!) - Anyway, this movie is filmed in a particular style - and a lot of it is dark and grainy . . .. thats how it was shot. People often complain about the Blu-Ray conversion - commenting on its appearance.
Needs to be in your collection though either way, and at this price its a steal . . . . . . Jer

I have it on Blu-Ray and have no complaints about the transfer. There are much worse blu-ray transfers and its a wonderful film that sems to come to life in high definition.

Great film .One of my all time favourites a rare film that i can watch again and again . Great price
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