The Shield - Season 6 DVD Box Set £4.95 (plus Quidco)

The Shield - Season 6 DVD Box Set £4.95 (plus Quidco)

Found 19th Mar 2010
Even as a hardened cop, things have never been tougher for Detective Vic Mackey. In The Shield's riveting sixth season, he must deal with a vicious, gang-related slaughter with no leads, the desperate attempts of an Internal Affairs detective to discredit him, and the looming threat of forced retirement. To top it all, he's obsessed with finding the killer of a valued Strike Team member and friend. Meanwhile, Shane hooks up with the Armenian mob and becomes a dangerous adversary to Vic, Claudette struggles to keep the Barn from being shut down, and Dutch suffers the wrath of his arrogant new partner.

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Great price.
I just bought this from the hut and was about to advertise, but now no need.
Can't wait to get stuck into it, been about a year since I finished Season 5.

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I'm not sure why this never got more heat, I guess people have something against the Hut as the price is great.
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