The Shield - Series 1-7 [28 Disc DVD Boxset] £48.97 + Free Delivery @ amazon

The Shield - Series 1-7 [28 Disc DVD Boxset] £48.97 + Free Delivery @ amazon

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Transgressing the seemingly rock-solid boundaries of regular television programming, THE SHIELD refuses the strictures of black-and-white depictions of clear-cut moral dilemmas in favour of an ambiguity that will challenge even the most jaded viewers. Detective Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis, THE COMMISH) leads the elite Strike Team in the fictional L.A. district of Farmington, employing dubious but effective crime fighting methods as a tough, successful, but corrupt cop. The other detectives and cops on the force disapprove of the team's methods, while the precinct head, Captain David Aceveda (Benito Martinez), is just as corrupt as Mackey. The stoic, upright Detective Claudette Wyms (CCH Pounder, ER), who understands both sides of the game, provides a much needed balance and rationality to the mix. The charismatic Mackey strikes just the right pitch so as to be the least sympathetic antihero television has yet seen, while the controversial themes and violent nature of the content manage the effect of making audiences really think about what they're watching. This collection presents all seven seasons of the series.


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Anyone know if the £45 deal in Fopp is still going? Either way, buy it.

yes it is still on was in there on Sunday

Amazing series.

Quality series, but the UK releases have edited versions of the season 5 and 6 finale. Unfortunate, really.

Superb price for an amazing series. Purchased and heat added. :thumbsup:

Buy it - bargain - totally addictive

Just received my boxset, it's the 18 rated version (Amazon's lists it as a 15) so maybe it's not the UK edited edition.

I have just finished this Brilliant series, totally addictive,,, very much so a 18 plus rating

The only show i have been disappointed it ended and actually missed after it did.
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