The Shield - Series 1-7 Box Set Zavvi Mega Monday £38.95

The Shield - Series 1-7 Box Set Zavvi Mega Monday £38.95

Found 30th Jan 2011Made hot 30th Jan 2011
This just seems to get cheaper every time. Showing this price now


Assume you also get 15% off with the britvic code?

best cop series ever

Fantastic series, great price, a must buy! Hot!

if you watch the conclusion to this series' first episode and aren't hooked instantly, you havent got a pulse.


One of the best 'old-bill' series.

Versatile lead actor too, what with No Ordinary Family

Aye got this when it was £30 before xmas. Onto the last season now and it has been top quality. Sopranos next!!!!

£33.11 with a 15% code.

Awesome show. Better grab this before the Armanian's catch up to me...

Fantastic show, but I believe the UK DVDs may contain some significantly censored episodes? One episode was supposedly cut by 20 minutes? Not because of any enforced UK censorship but because they released versions pre-censored for a younger TV audience. I'm finding it hard to get

People should also check out Southland if they like good cop dramas.

Yep, the season 5 finale has 20 minutes missing unlike the region 1 version.

Awesome show, worth the price.
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