The Shining [Blu-ray] (1980) UNCUT - £12.55 Delivered @

The Shining [Blu-ray] (1980) UNCUT - £12.55 Delivered @

Found 1st Oct 2008
This USA Blu-Ray disc is Region FREE and will work in UK Blu-Ray players with no problems.

What is good appart from the price is you will get the UNCUT version of The Shining which is 30 minutes longer than the UK version.

UK Run Time: 114 minutes
USA Run Time: 144 minutes

Items: GBP £8.75
Shipping & Handling: GBP £3.80

Order Total: GBP £12.55

The cheapest UK CUT version is £15.84.

Actors: Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, Scatman Crothers, Barry Nelson
Directors: Stanley Kubrick
Format: AC-3, Closed-captioned, Color, Dolby, Dubbed, Special Edition, Subtitled, Widescreen
Language: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
Region: All Regions
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Number of discs: 1
Rating: R
Studio: Warner Home Video
DVD Release Date: October 23, 2007
Run Time: 144 minutes
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Voted hot! Brilliant film. :thumbsup:
I prefer the simpsons parody of it lol!
Any ideas what's in the 30 minutes that were cut out?
when kubrick was alive he would only allow this to be released 4:3 - as filmed.
now it seems we get it cropped - albeit to how it was exhibited theatrically.

Any ideas what's in the 30 minutes that were cut out?

In November 1980 Monthly Film Bulletin ran a piece itemising the differences between versions (1) . Here is a summary of that article:

Scene cut from the US version during 1st run:

(1) A two-minute sequence was deleted from the end of the film in the first weeks of its run. A coda to Wendy and Danny's escape (which followed the shot of Jack frozen in the maze). This showed Wendy being visited in hospital by Ullman, and his complimenting her on having survived. (2)

After playing to what Movie Comment calls "generally bad reviews and erratic box-office in America," the film was preview-tested before its opening in London and a further twenty-five minutes were cut.

Scenes cut from the international version:

(1) Part of Jack's interview at the Overlook Hotel.

(2) Danny's examination by a doctor (Anne Jackson)

(3) Part of the tour of the Overlook with Ullman, Jack and Wendy, including the dialogue in the Colorado Lounge and The beginning of the scene where Ullman shows Jack and Wendy the hotel grounds and the scene leading up to Dick Hallorann's first appearance where Ullman shows off "The Gold Room"

(4) Part of Danny's conversation alone with Hallorann

(5) The end of the Torrances' first scene in the hotel, when Wendy brings Jack his breakfast

(6) Immediately after the scene in which Wendy and Danny explore the maze, a sequence has been cut in which Wendy is seen working in the kitchen while a TV announcer talks of a search in the mountains for a missing woman

(7) THURSDAY title card

(8) Wendy and Danny watching the Summer of '42 on television.

(9) dialogue from the middle of the scene in which Jack first goes to the Gold Room

(10) Wendy is seen crying and talking to herself about the possibility of getting down the mountain in the snowcat, and of calling the Forest Rangers

(11) Dick Hallorann again tries to get through to the Overlook by calling the Ranger station.

(12) 8AM title card

(13) Hallorann asks a stewardess what time they are due to land in Denver; she tells him 8.20 and he checks his watch. Jack is seen typing in the lounge of the Overlook. Hallorann's plane lands at the airport. Larry Durkin (Tony Burton), a garage owner, answers his phone and talks to Hallorann, who asks for a snowcat to get up to the Overlook.

(14) GS: "A whole scene where Danny is watching TV (a Roadrunner cartoon). After talking to Danny (I think telling him to stay there) Wendy picks up the baseball bat and exits (on her way into the Colorado lounge). I was particularly proud of the way I 'choreographed' the cartoon music on the TV with Wendy's movements. There was then a long dissolve, as the cartoon music faded, to Wendy entering the Colorado lounge. After a pause I then gently faded in the start of the Penderecki music as Wendy walks towards Jack's desk."

(15) The beginning of the scene in which Wendy finds Jack's type-written pages covered with "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" (GS: This then is really cut (14), i.e. the second half of the dissolve plus a few more seconds of Wendy walking into the Colorado lounge)

(16) A tableau in which skeletons are sitting at a table with a champagne bottle and glasses.

(1) You can read the whole article at on-line at ]Stanley Kubrick 1928-1999 (back)

(2) GS thinks Ullman's hospital visit was cut out after a preview in America, just before the film was released.
Why the cold votes?

I am confused with regards to the reviews, they don't seem to correspond to this blu-ray release, they seem to be referring to the 2disc version released last year that only ran at 119 minutes and not the 144 minutes that this one is listed as... Very strange.

Why the cold votes?

I think some people don't like the idea of paying over £10 for a film, I remember when DVD's came out and they were around £21 a film.

£12.55 for the full version of The Shining in HD on Blu-Ray is a good deal to me. :thumbsup:

Sometimes they merge the DVD reviews with the Blu-Ray reviews.
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