The Shockolate Vault  £4.99 Delivered @

The Shockolate Vault £4.99 Delivered @

Found 12th Mar 2007
Lock away temptation...even from yourself!
Move over Pavlov! This is the latest dietary aid. This little jar will remove temptation from you for up to 24 hours. You choose how long you think you can go without a bit of chocolate. Set the timer and place your stash inside. If you change your mind there will be shocking consequences!

Not recommended for children under 14 years old
This product emits an electric shock

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surely there would be a way to de-activate it so you could feast anyway?

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Hey think of it this way, if there is a way to deactivate you don't need to tell the kids, friends or even your partner so you get all the chocs without having to share them round.:-D


surely there would be a way to de-activate it so you could feast anyway?

A rubber glove would do it ;-) or a couple of pencils, in fact anything that doesn't conduct electricity :giggle:

not even big enough to hide my stash by the looks of it

Ace! Perfect for my Choc thieving housemate! Even the children's easter eggs aren't safe! Have ordered it for her. Hot:thumbsup:

its a nice idea but the choco0late would have to make it home from the shop for me to be able to use it, and believe me, the chocolate rarely makes it home from the shop :giggle:

Hmmmm if it gives you an electric whock when you try to open it,
isnt there a greater chance you could drop it.

It's Glass.

I don't think the designers really thought that one through.


If this jar was about the size of a bin then my other half would probably assemble a team similar to that from Ocean's Eleven to break into it & then lie back to enjoy all the chocolate with Brad Pitt, having double-crossed all the others & ME!!!
This idea is getting worse by the second!
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