The Simple Life Series 4 DVD - £5.99 at HMV

The Simple Life Series 4 DVD - £5.99 at HMV

Found 25th Jun 2008
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America's hottest celebutantes Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are back and this time they're taking over the country one family at a time! With their heated rivalry in high gear the girls compete fiercely to see who would make a better housewife. Each hilarious episode brings a new family a new challenge and a new excuse to party! Never mind the fact that there are diapers to change and houses to clean when there are tequila shots to down and strip clubs to hit!

Don't forget 10% Quidco.


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Note the incredibly bad Photoshopping going on here!

would that be the photoshopping of the hilton boys breasts so it lookes like it has some?
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