The Simpsons Complete Season 18 £18 (Prime) (£19.99 non prime) @ Amazon

The Simpsons Complete Season 18 £18 (Prime) (£19.99 non prime) @ Amazon

Found 18th Dec 2017
Came down in price again from my last post, looked at a few other sites and next cheapest I could find was £19.99 at HMV.

All 22 episodes from the 18th season of the animated comedy following the adventures of the world’s favourite dysfunctional family. The episodes are: ‘The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer’, ‘Jazzy and the Pussycats’, ‘Please Homer, Don’t Hammer ‘Em’, ‘Treehouse of HorrorXVII’, ‘G.I. (Annoyed Grunt)’, ‘Moe’N’a Lisa’, ‘Ice Crem of Margie (With the Light Blue Hair)’, ‘The Haw-Hawed Couple’, ‘Kill Gill, Volume I & II’, ‘The Wife Acquatic’, ‘Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Three Times’, ‘Little Big Girl’, ‘Springfield Up’, ‘Yokel Chords’, ‘Rome-Old and Juli-Eh’, ‘Homerazzi’, ‘Marge Gamer’, ‘The Boys of Bummer’, ‘Crook and Ladder’, ‘Stop! Or My Dog Will Shoot’, ‘24 Minutes’ and ‘You Kent Always Say What You Want’.

Special Features
Welcome Back, Loyal Fans! (intro by Matt Groening)
Audio Commentary On All Episodes
Deleted Scenes w/ Commentaries
Animation Showcase
Special Language Feature
A Conversation With Fat Tony
Bonus Episode - 22 For 30
The Simpsons Season 18 was a historic one; the last before the Simpsons movie, the season-finale 400th episode, 24 Minutes with guest star Kiefer Sutherland, Treehouse of Horror XVII with the sepia-tone classic “The Day the Earth Stood Stupid” and much, much more. Guest stars include Michael Imperioli, The White Stripes, Tom Wolfe and Natalie Portman and classic episodes include the Emmy-nominated “The Haw-Hawed Couple” and WGA winner “Kill Gil, Vols. 1&2.”
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Not buying but love that cover art.
Not buying but love that cover art.
Still to high for me......
I'm assuming there's no limited edition version this time? Not surprising if not since they weren't even going to release the set at all.
i cant stop watching the simpsons but can not remember many classics since season 11/12?
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