The Simpsons - Complete Series 9 - 4 DVD - £16.95 Delivered @ DVD.co.uk
The Simpsons - Complete Series 9 - 4 DVD - £16.95 Delivered @ DVD.co.uk

The Simpsons - Complete Series 9 - 4 DVD - £16.95 Delivered @ DVD.co.uk

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Thats right, get the simpsons box set - Series 9 for just £16.95 delivered at DVD.co.uk.. Thats cheaper than:

HMV - £16.99 Delivered
4CheapCDs - £23.96 Delivered
Play.Com - £17.99 Delivered
Woolworths - £24.00 Delivered
BlahDVD - £17.99 Delivered
Amazon - £20.48 Delivered
The Hut - £33.97 Delivered



Get down to Springfield for the ninth series of The Simpsons; Homer's acting as diligently as ever as he purchases a gun to help protect the family, takes on the City of New York in a legal battle and decides that he's the right man to run for Sanitation Commisioner! Packed with more extra's than you could fit in a Krusty Burger all hail Season 9!

Episodes Comprise:

1. The City Of New York vs. Homer Simpson
2. The Principal And The Pauper
3. Lisa's Sax
4. Treehouse Of Horror VIII
5. The Cartridge Family
6. Bart Star
7. The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons
8. Lisa The Skeptic
9. Reality Bites
10. Miracle On Evergreen Terrace
11. All Singing, All Dancing
12. Bart Carny
13. The Joy Of Sect
14. Das Bus
15. The Last Temptation Of Krusty
16. Dumbbell Indemnity
17. Lisa The Simpson
18. This Little Wiggy
19. Simpson Tide
20. The Trouble With Trillions
21. Girly Edition
22. Trash Of The Titans
23. King Of The Hill
24. Lost Our Lisa
25. Natural Born Kissers

.. So, you could get that fantastic box set of the simpsons series 9 from DVD.co.uk for just £16.95 delivered with 4% quidco, or get it from HMV for £16.99 delivered with 10% quidco!

Your choice, thanks.



So..... it's 4p cheaper than HMV?

Original Poster


So..... it's 4p cheaper than HMV?

Yep, but theres only 4% quidco with DVD.co.uk, but if you buy from HMV, there is 10% quidco.

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Great! this just reminded me I needed to order 6 + 7 for my husband great price at hmv + 10% quidco

dvd.co.uk is cheaper for S6

Got mine for £14.99 from 101CD over a week ago...seems I picked the right time to buy it as its gone up again :giggle: still can't grumble at the price although I won't pay more than £20 for a box set
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