The Simpsons: Greetings From Springfield Figurine Collection - £17.99 @ +(£1 Quidco)

The Simpsons: Greetings From Springfield Figurine Collection - £17.99 @ +(£1 Quidco)

Found 27th Jan 2010
Getting harder to find, currently £89.99 from a MarketPlace Trader on

RRP: £39.99 | You save: £22.00 (55%)

Why waste time and money collecting these figures individually when with one purchase you can buy the set plus an exclusive gold painted Homer at a better price?! Get the complete Simpsons figurine collection today and you won't be disappointed.

Figures measure 3-4'' tall
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Just what I've always wanted.
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Got mine a couple of days ago, a word of warning though, Play ship the item in just a thin platic bag so when I opened it the box looked like it had been through a war, it was ripped and torn in places. I was going to take the figures out of mine so was not that bothered about it, but if you want to keep it in the box or give it as a gift to someone then make sure you check it when it arrives. Even open it in front of the delivery courier and get them to sign it if it is damaged as proof that they did it, although more down to the fact that Play use bad packing items.
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Has now dropped to £17.99, so have updated the deal.
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