The Simpsons: Moe's Tavern 3D Talking Alarm Clock £12.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco/RAC 5% @ Play
The Simpsons: Moe's Tavern 3D Talking Alarm Clock £12.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco/RAC 5% @ Play

The Simpsons: Moe's Tavern 3D Talking Alarm Clock £12.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco/RAC 5% @ Play

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Featuring a total of 12 authentic Simpsons phrases, you can move the characters around this 3D Moes Bar to decide who to wake up to. It's great fun and you'll wake up to a familiar character every morning! This talking alarm clock lets one of Springfield's sophisticated drinkers wake you from your slumber - in 3D!
Includes phrases from:
Homer: 'To alcohol, the cause and solution to all of life's problems.'
Moe: 'Is there an I P Freely here? Hey everybody, I P Freely!!'
Barney: 'Hey can I throw up in your bathroom? I'll buy something...'
Duffman: 'Duffman wants to party down with the man who sent in 10,000 duff labels!'

After a heavy night of drinking Duff Beer at Moe's Bar, the loveable fool Homer Simpson finds it difficult to get out of bed the next morning. Despite being a cartoon character, Homer is a human just like the rest of us - he needs a push to be able to wake up and get ready for another day at work.

Luckily for Homer (and the rest of us), Moe has spent some time manufacturing this alarm clock based on his bar to help Homer wake up each morning. Looking like a scene from any typical Simpsons episode, Homer, Barney, Moe and Duffman are stood around Moe's bar enjoying a pint of Duff Beer!

This novelty alarm clock features 12 spoken phrases in total, that's 3 from each character. Each figure is interchangeable, so when you want one character to wake you up, just put him in the primary position and only he will talk when the alarm goes off!

If you fancy a few extra minutes in bed before you get up for a cup of coffee or a shower, simply press down on the bar stool to activate the snooze feature.

H 128mm W 175mm D 148mm


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Worth it just for the inclusion of Duffman.

I had one of these as a present a while back and it too start of with it was quite amusing, but within a week i just wanted to smash it to pieces as it is soooooooo annoying, works if you want to wake up on time, but if its intention is to put you in a bad mood with a screaming headache all day then its just what you need, good price though heat added

Looks good - why are the colours so different between the 2 pictures though? Look at the pint glass in Homer's hand, Barney's stool and the glass/mirrors behind the bar! Is the Duff Man's vest blank in the bottom picture?

Maybe just different variations on the design,
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