The Simpsons season 12 £17.95 Delivered @ Amazon or Zavvi

The Simpsons season 12 £17.95 Delivered @ Amazon or Zavvi

Found 8th Mar 2010
Both good prices, next cheapest i can see is the Hut @ £25.85

Season 12 of The Simpsons flies in the face of the contention that its the earlier runs of the show where youll find the gold. Granted, its been tough to keep the standard up to the levels of the show at its finest, but here we find some majestic and inspired Simpsons moments.

Season 12 doesnt have, it should noted, the calibre of guest voice star of previous runs. That said, its still the core adventures of Homer, Maggie, Lisa, Marge and Bart that form the heart of the fun. Particular favourite highlights of The Simpsons twelfth season include Lisas relationship with the tree hugger, Homers brand new gossip website, the moment where Homer suddenly (and temporarily!) gets a burst of intelligence, and the wonderfully titled Worst Episode Ever. Theres also the very welcome return of Sideshow Bob, as voiced by Kelsey Grammar.

The writing of The Simpsons, as evidenced here, remains witty and sharp, and while perhaps there arent so many of the belly laughs of the earlier years, season 12 still more than justifies its purchase price. At least half the episodes here are ones youll be looking, wed suspect, to watch again. Factor in too the usual high quality selection of extras, and long after most series have folded, we continue to find The Simpsons on fine form. --Jon Foster
The Simpsons--ineffectual (but lovable) patriarch Homer, voice-of-reason mother Marge, rebellious son Bart, brilliant daughter Lisa, and quiet baby Maggie--live in the town of Springfield, surrounded by both the regular cast of characters and the stellar guest stars fans have come to expect. The Simpsons's 12th series packs some serious celebrity heat (Edward Norton, Justin Timberlake, Stephen King, and Roger Daltrey each make an appearance) and offers up a brand new boatload of quotable lines. Beginning with the annual 'Treehouse of Horror' episode, the season goes on to include some of the series' best-ever entries, including 'Homr' (doctors find a crayon in Homer's brain), 'Worst Episode Ever' (Bart and Milhouse take over the Android's Dungeon), and 'New Kids on the Blecch' (Bart, Nelson, Millhouse, and Ralph join a boy band). This collection includes all 21 episodes from the cult cartoon's 12th series.
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Change the title, its season 12 not 13.

Apart from that HOT!

Change the title, its season 12 not 13.Apart from that HOT!


already posted for Zavvi - but great deal for those who prefer Amazon…zav
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