The Simpsons Season 8 (Ltd Maggie Head Packaging) - £15.59 from BlahDVD

The Simpsons Season 8 (Ltd Maggie Head Packaging) - £15.59 from BlahDVD

Found 4th Jun 2008
Next cheapest for this limited packaging version appears to be £31.49 from Tax Free DVD. The regular packaging is £13.99 at or CD-Wow, so this is a little bit more, but thought it was worth a post for anyone who might be collecting the 'head' packaging. This is the Region 2 release.

The Season That Eight Springfield!
Treehouse Of Horror VII.
You Only Move Twice.
The Homer They Fall.
Burns, Baby Burns.
Bart After Dark.
A Milhouse Divided.
Lisa's Date With Density.
Hurricane Neddy.
El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Jomer.
The Springfield Files.
The Twisted World Of Marge Simpson.
Mountain Of Madness.
The Itchy And Scratchy And Poochie Show.
Homer's Phobia.
The Brother From Another Series.
My Sister, My Sitter.
Homer Vs. The Eighteenth Amendment.
Grade School Confidential.
The Canine Mutiny.
The Old Man And Lisa.
In Marge We Trust.
Homer's Enemy.
The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase.
The Secret War Of Lisa Simpson.

DVD Features:
Main Language: English
Available Audio Tracks: 5.1 Surround
Hearing Impaired: English
Animation Showcase For 'In Marge We Trust'
Illustrated Commentary 'For The Secret War Of Lisa Simpson'
Deleted Scene Introduction
Deleted Scenes Gallery With Optional Commentary
Matt Groening Drawing Promo Reels
Sketch Gallery
Featurette - Super Illustrated Colour Commentary On 'Homer Vs. The Eighteenth Amendment'
Featurette - A Bit From The Animators: 'Lisa's Date with Density'
Featurette - 'Simpsons House'
Intro With Matt Groening
Animation Showcase For 'Treehouse Of Horror VII'
Illustrated Commentary For 'Treehouse Of Horror VII'

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Thanks for the cold vote "you know who". :giggle:
Is this the most recent one? When would these episodes been played on t.v - do you know?
This may come in handy for a b-day pressie for me!
No, unfortunately not - this is the 1996 / 1997 season, so they'll have been on TV countless times by now. They're only up to Season 10 with the DVD releases - they're so slow!
They are up to about season 10 in DVD. Way behind TV.
That went well, then. :lol:
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