The Sims 2: Castaway Wii - £19.97 @ amazon
The Sims 2: Castaway Wii - £19.97 @ amazon

The Sims 2: Castaway Wii - £19.97 @ amazon

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With still not a peep out of The Sims 3 on PC, Electronic Arts are certainly keen to keep reinventing the franchise on consoles. This all new game is not for the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 and, as you might guess from the name, involves you being shipwrecked on a desert island. The concept is basically the same as Konamis Stranded Kids/Lost in Blue series although you start off completely alone with each of the different sims you create washed up on a different part of the island. Obviously your first task is to find something to eat and drink and a place to sleep, with the initial parts of the game recalling the early episodes of Lost (except without the smoke monster).

Soon enough youre fashioning fish harpooning spears out of bits of bamboo, planting edible plants, weaving your own clothes and making giant tree houses and huts that would shame the average holiday camp. Most importantly you can train your very own monkey butlers to perform your every menial task for you (up to a point). Soon enough your fellow strandees turn up and the games more traditional social elements come into play as it becomes less Lost and more Survivor. Once youre living in some degree of comfort you can then venture out and explore the island and try and find a way back to civilisation (or stay where you are the game leaves it up to you). In fact its probably the most interesting thing to happen to The Sims in years.


The nintendo ds version is pretty fun!!

I agree - have this on ds so not much point me getting this but loving it on ds. Much better than i expected, Voted HOT!!

I've added a price and retailer name to the thread title, and an image too. Please see the links in my signature for help on posting deals.

Thanks for the post bungleboots. Looks like a good deal.
Just FYI to everyone, HMV have the DS version for £14.99 which also seems like a good price. I just bought the DS version as my brothers never let me play on their Wii!!

The OH has got the original The Sims on Wii, and it's one of the worst games ever! Well, that's a bit harsh, but the loading times are abysmal - my old Amstrad loaded games quicker than it loaded! Hopefully, that problem's been sorted out for this.

Rant over - Good find, voted hot.
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