The Sims 3 - £6.66 (with 5% Facebook code) @ CDKeys

The Sims 3 - £6.66 (with 5% Facebook code) @ CDKeys

Found 20th Jan 2016
Seems a good price for arguably the best game in the series
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Perhaps it's my rose tinted glasses but the original will always be the best! Heat for the price though
Shane that's not the 360 price, hot!
I don't think this is the best in The Sims series. Good game though.
This isn't steam ?

I'm wondering how you redeem the Mac version..

edit: OK I see it's 'origin'. This is EA specific software presumably. Had bad experiences with EA software in the past is this OK?
Edited by: "JamesSmith" 20th Jan 2016
Might work out around the same price to get a month of Origin Access to try it, then buy a bundle pack with one of the expansions for not much more (usually sit around the £10 mark from memory). As much as I hate buying expansions they do really add to the game, especially the bigger ones likes pets and seasons.
Is this game the original Sims 3? The disc one and not the download? My computer doesn't know Sims so if i order this will it have the code & let me download?
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