The Sims 3 PS3 £25.85 delivered @ Shopto

The Sims 3 PS3 £25.85 delivered @ Shopto

Found 20th Nov 2010
# Create any Sim you can imagine and give them unique personalities! Fine-tune your Sims’ appearances and create millions of different personalities. Make them evil, romantic, paranoid, kleptomaniacs, or a mix of something completely different.
# Build and Customize! Build the ultimate home for your Sims, improve your town with building upgrades, and more.
# Unlock all-new Karma Powers. Wield the ultimate control over your Sims, giving them wealth, beauty, and love—or take it all away with the click of a button.
# Control your Sims’ destinies. Choose whether or not to fulfill your Sims’ destinies by making their wishes come true—or letting their dreams die. Will your Sims be rock stars, world leaders, or expert thieves? It’s up to you.
# Build and share online! Connect to share your creations and download content from other players around the world, without ever leaving your game.
# Complete Challenges to earn rewards. Face short and long term challenges and reap rewards and trophies. Connect* and share your achievements with your friend


Is this any good on the consoles?



Is this any good on the consoles?

i wana no the same as guna buy it for OH for xmas, seems to be dropping fast so i may wait abit.

Bought this for my OH and she likes it, controls look straightforward and nicely detailed graphics make it look like a good port from the PC! Average rating of 79 on PS3 @ Metacritic

Wow great price. Wish i hadn't pre-ordered it now as i paid nearly £40 and i havent even had chance to play it yet!

Good price

Expired months ago, also no longer in stock and price decreased.
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