The Singles by The Clash - Remastered CD £2.99 delivered@HMV (5% Quidco)

The Singles by The Clash - Remastered CD £2.99 [email protected] (5% Quidco)

Found 2nd May 2010Made hot 3rd May 2010
This collection is a remastered version of all the Clash's many singles and ever track is a classic from the noisy, angry and very punk "White Riot" and "Clash city rockers" to the more tuneful "I fought the law" and the classic dark and rousing anthem "London calling". They are all here sounding better than ever and it's the perfect album for anyone who wants to be a Clash fan but doesn't want to collect the entire back catalogue. The album of course also features the brilliantly funky "Rock the casbah" and "Should I stay or should I go" and as an overview of their career "The singles" shows a fantastic evolution from angry young men who had to pick up instruments because they had a message they wanted to shout about to a group of accomplished musicians who were still making equally valid political statements throughout their career.

Track list :-
1. White Riot
2. Remote Control
3. Complete Control
4. Clash City Rockers
5. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
6. Tommy Gun
7. English Civil War
8. I Fought The Law
9. London Calling
10. Train In Vain
11. Bankrobber
12. The Call Up
13. Hitsville UK
14. The Magnificent Seven
15. This Is Radio Clash
16. Know Your Rights
17. Rock The Casbah
18. Should I Stay Or Should I Go

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