The Smelly Sprout Book - £4 @ Amazon

The Smelly Sprout Book - £4 @ Amazon

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Not added a new one before so hope this works.

Really cool book this is.

Product Description
Thrown out into the snow on Christmas day, the smelly sprout comes up against a terribly rude Christmas tree, an awfully impolite snowman and, worst of all...a greedy fox. But will a chance encounter with someone as small as the sprout change everything? "The Smelly Sprout" is a Christmas classic. With deliciously witty illustrations and a story to touch the heart, this is a tale children and their parents will love. And one thing's for sure, love them or loathe them, you'll never look at a sprout in the same way again!…_pt


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You are magic !! Are you santa?

£3.96 at ]The Book Depository incl free delivery and hardback

We got this a few days ago and my kids (3 and 5) love it. A nice little xmas extra.


You are magic !! Are you santa?

You're very welcome - good first post :santa::

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O.k cancelled the amazon one and gone for hardback. Thanks.

Wonder if the book depository code would have worked. Not too fast tonight me !! Did not check for cashback either - alot to learn !!

Would go very well with the Brussel Sprout Christmas Crackers (Game) I saw in Tesco today! How fun!

Heat & ordered (went for the h'back@tbd) Thanks to both the op & choc1969


Our kids love this book too - worth the cash!

'OUT SMELL SPROUT !! ' Read this one to my daughters a few times :thumbsup:


+10% off ]here = £3.56

ta-rep'd you and op of link you led too !


£3.96 at ]The Book Depository incl free delivery and hardback

ta for tip -rep'd you ! :thumbsup:
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