The Smoking Room - Series 1 & 2 (4 DVD box set) - £8.97 delivered !

The Smoking Room - Series 1 & 2 (4 DVD box set) - £8.97 delivered !

Found 28th Mar 2007
The Smoking Room - Series 1 & 2 (4 DVD box set) - £8.97 delivered @ Woolworths

Go via Quidco for another 5% cashback. Next cheapest price is £16.97 @ TheHut.

Description : Welcome to room B209, a drab L-shaped storeroom with yellowing walls and a faulty hot drinks machine. But for some, this place is an oasis - the one place at work where these modern day lepers can wallow in their nicotine habit, avoid going back to the office and talk about nothing in particular - the Smoking Room.

Among the addicts, occasional smokers and shirkers you'll find Len, the foul-mouthed security guard known to his nephew as "Uncle **** off". There's Robin, whose unfulfilled ambitions and unrequited love for the post-room boy will break your heart. On the sofa are friends Annie and Sally, the former is as parasitically needy as the latter is pin-sharp. Talking a bit too loud in the corner is middle-aged divorcee Lilian. Like Cher, she believes in life after love, and dancing on the tables at the Nag's Head. Together they'll discuss anything (but work), and wait for either the fags to burn out, Clint to mend the lift, or Barry to finish his crossword.


Amazing price, HIGHLY recommended series.

Had just spotted this on and was about to post it here but not until I'd snapped up a copy myself -- brilliant bargain!

good price, i enjoyed both series.

i've seen a few episodes of these and found it funny, so just ordered my copy, cheers Edi


Great price edi :thumbsup:

First time I've used that Quidco thing and 'earned' my first 45p cashback.

Also available for the same price at streetsonline


Brilliant, thanks so much.

Very tempted...
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