The Sopranos: Complete Series 1 - £20.97 delivered @ Amazon !

The Sopranos: Complete Series 1 - £20.97 delivered @ Amazon !

Found 6th Aug 2007
The Sopranos: Complete Series 1 - £20.97 delivered @ Amazon !

Synopsis : Welcome to the first season of David Chase's gangster drama 'The Sopranos'. The HBO, award-winning series explores the relationship of two families that revolve around the capo protagonist of Tony Soprano. The legitimate waste management business in New Jersey, headed by Tony is a convincing cover for the true nature of his work - racketeering and extortion, although a certain amount of waste management does transpire in and around Tony's circle...(Bang, Bang!)

Blessed with a beautiful home, a loving family, a concealed hoard of cash and a hangout at the 'Bada Bing' strip club with a close crew, Tony appears to have it all, so why is he suffering from anxiety and having panic attacks? Only Dr Melfi - Tony's psychiatrist can answer that one. It could be that the pressure of being a made guy, having a hateful mother, an easily distracted nephew and treacherous, capricious 'friends' that are ready to rat on him is enough to send him to the couch. Join him there, in the Bing or any other safe house in NJ to experience some first class drama, razor sharp wit and an opportune soundtrack including Frank Sinatra, Bob Dylan and Alabama 3.....Welcome to the family....


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[*]The Sopranos
[*]46 Long
[*]Denial, Anger, Acceptance
[*]Pax Soprano
[*]Down Neck
[*]Tennessee Moltisante
[*]A Hit Is A Hit
[*]Nobody Knows Anything
[*]Jeanne Cusamano

Quality series, nice price.
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