The Sorrento Experience Italian travel guide Kindle download FREE for the weekend

The Sorrento Experience Italian travel guide Kindle download FREE for the weekend

Found 17th Mar 2017
Im heading to the Amalfi coast this summer and came across this....

Blurb from Amazon:-

"This guide tells you all you need to know about holidaying in Sorrento, and so much more. Reading it before you go will give you a flavour of the place, an introduction to the treats in store, and help in planning the best use of your time there.

You will meet the people and their way of life: on foot, in cars, and everywhere on their beloved scooters. There is information on where to go, what to do and where to stay. From where to find toilets and banks, to once-in-a-lifetime stuff like how to get married in Sorrento.

You don’t want to spend your precious holiday time finding mundane stuff for yourself. With so much to see and do you need a guide. The Sorrento Experience aims to tell you all you need to know.

There are four parts to the guide:

Part 1 is about Sorrento, the people you will meet, the practical information you will need around town, and things you can do while there.

Part 2 concerns travel, with information on the different bus, train and boat services that are available to you.

Part 3 provides information to help you to choose places you may want to visit, from the sensational Amalfi Drive to the walk up to the crater of Vesuvius, and not forgetting Capri, Naples, Pompeii, Rome and the many other attractions.

Part 4 is a review of hotels within close reach of the centre, with contact detail and web addresses.

Links are given to sites where you can find more information, and to those where details are prone to change.

The information has been gathered over the course of many visits. It has been checked by the Tourist Office and has been given their blessing. The details have been updated for 2016.

Some comments about earlier editions include:

“We are just back from Sorrento after a really enjoyable visit and what a great asset your guide was!” – Yana P

“The weather is great and we were laughing about your description of trying to cross the roads here. Great stuff. We're set for a fantastic week and will make very good use of the guide. Thanks again.” – Les & Eileen S

“We absolutely love the guide so far, and can't wait to use it! It is full of very useful facts which we will be using. The guide will be great by giving us the do's and don’ts.” – Gareth E

“I quickly read the first few pages and after picking myself off the floor with laughing, thought I would email you. This is the way guides should be written. Once again thanks for a great guide.” – Derek B

This is a book that avoids the academic. It is a personal account of information gathered in the course of many visits to Sorrento. It’s derived from experience and from talking to guides, travel company reps and local folk in the bars and around the town. Its aims are to be practical, useful, interesting, entertaining, and above all to show why you, as so many do, may want to “Come Back to Sorrento”
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Thanks Longy.
Great find Longy. Thanks for posting...
great find...great destination....
I love Sorrento - my advice would be to take plenty of money .... wonder if they say that in the Guide (_;)
good to see it's approved by the Tourist Office, otherwise I wouldn't have trusted it
I know this guide well, having actually bought it in its pre-Kindle format. Highly recommended as a well researched and extraordinarily useful guide. Heat added.
Great many thanks
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