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The Spectator Digital copy 12 weeks for £12 with a free a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label (70cl) at The Spectator Magazine

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

I remember they did this last year - Easy to cancel subscription via the site.

The Spectator Magazine More details at The Spectator Magazine
Please drink responsibly; visit Drinkaware for more advice.
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If you get Order Failed email.. try ordering the Digital + Print version. Seems to work!
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    How easy is it to cancel?
    Easy enough to cancel, but the problem is that they still took money from my account and wouldn't refund it. Had to get the bank to sort it out in the end. They're very aggressive in getting subscribers but difficult to get rid of.
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    Not wanting to be a killjoy but this appears to be available in Scotland (says UK and accepted a Scottish address) where it should be illegal surely at 43p per unit! Am I missing something?

    “Businesses can still have promotions where alcohol is included as part of a package…
    The business needs to make sure that the total price of the promotion costs more than the minimum price of the alcohol.”
    I was surprised to find out recently that here in Scotland there is no problem ordering cheap alcohol from down south- e.g. from Amazon. I've ordered some beers that are about 25p per unit.
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    Anyone knows, who delivers whisky?
    If Royal Mail then I will pass on it - bad service here and usually no proper tracking.
    Always been Royal Mail in the past. This definitely isn't an offer to go for if you want the whisky in a rush, they take a few weeks to send it.
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    Have had an email saying ‘order failed’ after yesterdays ‘order processing’ email. I used a different email from last year but hasn’t worked for me. (edited)
    Mines just failed too...
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    The promotional price on JW Black in supermarkets is usually £20... ...but you'd have to pay me far more than £8 to take the Spectator.
    Whenever I read posts like that, I’m always curious as to what the poster usually reads… 
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    I got the same error that it was unavailable, but then clicked through to the homepage and saw the same offer in a banner, which worked. Try this link instead offers.spectator.co.uk/off…02f

    48769340-CUupE.jpg (edited)
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    Offer still on as above. Just go to home page and click banner. Note with magazine is the same trial price as digital only. I've done many of these deals and never had a problem cancelling. A bottle of JW Back Label for £12. Lovely!
    Thanks very much
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    Awesome. Bottle of Black Label for £12. Won’t read the magazine and will just cancel after I get the bottle. Thanks @suki_uk
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    Don't care about its politics, it is fairly mainstream so hardly on the extremes! Just saved me 8 quid as I was going to buy a decent bottle of Whisky for £20 (or for the more discerning out there, half-decent) for my uncle for Xmas. Sorted.
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    Has anyone's order succeeded? Mines failed but can't tell if it's because of the bad website or a previous order?
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    Offer not available?
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    Same says not available
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    Think curve has cashback as well?
    Only if you continue after trial I think, but worth a go?
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    Bottle of whisky (Ok, it's not malt, but nonetheless) and a good read - I'd be all over this if I still drank
    Malt isn't everything - there are plenty of single malts that aren't as good as JW Black.
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    Thank you,just ordered
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    I’d be all over this, but I detest a smoky whisky
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    i believe that if you've already had a reduced subscription with a free gift they won't allow you a second it usually says so in the T&C they will accept the subscription but won't send the free gift. Thjis is what happened to me earlier this year.

    if others have had a second free gift then please correct me
    As per my earlier comment I've had several of these type of deals from them. £20 Amazon vouchers, bottles of gin, bottle of whisky etc and just signed up for this. Same email address each time and never had a problem with them not delivering the free gift. Maybe they have a time limit now between subscriptions? Mind you order is processing so I hope I haven't spoke too soon!

    Seems I did speak too soon, order has 'failed' this time. (edited)
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    Not available
    Go to the home page and click on the Yellow Banner that says Flash Sale. (edited)
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    How hot are they on the old multiple email thing?
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    Thanks guys, I’ve just managed to checkout although it did day ens Monday and were near two hours into Tuesday! Maybe it’s next Monday!

    Also how do I cancel the direct debit (if I’ve entered into one? Unsur as I went through a credit card!? )? And when? Thanks in advance.
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    Excellent, was planning to buy a bottle at £20 so saves me that. Generally just look at the magazines for some contrast. Also I always sell the Christmas issue, makes about £5. I'll laugh if the £20 Curve Cashback comes in too.
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    Ta very !
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    just ordered, cheers
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    No mine failed also. I have been a serial user of these offers.
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    Try ordering the Digital + Print version. After a couple of failed Digital only orders, I tried this and have received the Welcome email
    Tried again and appears to have gone through too.

    Slightly unsure if the Whisky will show... but I'll be banging down for a refund if it doesn't...
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    I've just had a welcome email - excellent deal if the bottle turns up!

    I also have a £20 cashback offer activated on my Halifax account - I don't expect it to work on this - it's not really for this offer - but I suppose it might?

    Happy for £12. Will be even happier for -£8 !
    Thanks for posting!

    Now... Anyone any tips for good whisky-based cocktails?
    It should, mine did the other day
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    I tried to cancel the other day, and they emailed me to say their system was down, so maybe that's causing the issues?
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    Excellent - great deal, thanks
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