The Sports HQ SALE !!!!
loads of deals on golf equipment


the amount of new members posting deals for places you have never heard of is getting high

the small places must be doing bad this year

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i'm sure sarcasm is the greatest form of flattery

It's quite a well known place, well known for it's cheap ****.

Unbranded and quite frankly awful site with the occasional good deal, stay clear.

well if you play cricket and want a bat then the CA 10000 at £99 is the best deal you will find anywhere!!!


To be honest mate, you can get one for about £60 on ebay. CA are reputable as a Professional Brand but when it comes to club cricket I've used a few CA bats in the nets and have to say they've never impressed me. Salix, Newbury and Kookaburra are all far better and you can get these for around the £100 mark if you get to know people who work in the Cricket Bat factories and warehouses

Got my £250 Kookaburra bat for £100.

Talk about price of the Bat.. Gosh someone beat this:

One of the guys who plays in the same club as I do, went to india on a Holiday & guess what:
Went to a place where the bats are made in bulk & then sent world wide (including UK) & UNBELIEVABLY got the Bat for JUST 10£. The same bat here costs 125£ :x :x :x

Don't count on Quidco with SportsHQ.....I've had an outstanding 'Enquiry' for 3/4's of 2007....of course that could be down to incompetance @ Quidco but they claim to have passed on the details......
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