The Straw Hat Red Wine 75cl £4.50 @ bargainbooze

The Straw Hat Red Wine 75cl £4.50 @ bargainbooze

Found 5th Dec 2013
If you like red wine try this one if you see it. It's only 11% strength but it is so nice. It is very sweet too. At bargain booze it is £4.50 a bottle or 3 for £10.
I really enjoy my wine and this one has surprised me. Very nice.

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I bought this once and only once by mistake. It was dreadful and only really suitable for cooking. It's a British wine as I recall which shouldn't make it bad just because of that but I would really advise you stay clear
Yes its a British wine. if you like sweet wine give it a try, if not you've not lost anything.
Very sweet, tastes like the fruit used, and more of a distinct taste, as opposed to some cheaper wines which can taste very similar, found it for £3 in my local shop, Enjoyed it! Nicer than the wine I usually go for, will defo buy again!
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