The Sum of All Fears: Special Collectors Edition - £1 @ Poundland (IN-STORE)
The Sum of All Fears: Special Collectors Edition - £1 @ Poundland (IN-STORE)

The Sum of All Fears: Special Collectors Edition - £1 @ Poundland (IN-STORE)

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America's security community is on edge. The Russian premier has just died and been replaced by President Zorkin (Richard Marner) a man whose international ambitions are something of an unknown quantity. Fortunately CIA agent Jack Ryan (Ben Affleck) is on hand to profile the man in the hot seat. But then the USA's worst fear comes true when a potential bomb plot is revealed. Ryan's boss Cabot (Morgan Freeman) is convinced this isn't really a Russian plot and dispatches Ryan to uncover the truth before the USA and Russian Federation slide into WWIII. A shadowy terrorist group might just hold the key.


Actually a good film, think i have normal version on dvd

Original Poster

This is the normal version. It just has a flashy title. ;-)


Really underrated in my opinion! Love it. Will look out for it cheers!

good price for the film, but they ruined the franchise with this movie. It really should have been done by Harrison Ford, but because he was tied up with other stuff, they rewrote it for Affleck, taking it right back to the beginning - which ruined the flow in the novels.

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The DVD contains a commentary with Tom Clancy and the director - Clancy doesn't take prisoners (he introduces himself "I wrote the novel they ignored")...

I've edited the synopsis because it was wrong and misleading, not to mention giving away a big spoiler...

I seem to remember this being a brilliant film, heading down to get my copy tomorrow!

Couple left in Swindon today. Have it all ready - great film, not quite true to the book though.
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