The Sun Holidays £15+ starts 28 February 2017

The Sun Holidays £15+ starts 28 February 2017

Found 28th Feb 2017
Looks like there are Sun holidays online dates up to the end of July and then September. I have used an old Reference Number and managed to book in.
Look Tour Chin P6H2 bonus code Date.
NB nearly all the ones I tried are more than £15 and remember extra service charges.
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Would rather go without than have anything to do with that rag.
whats the ref number to get into them
Ooh everyone is so RIGHT ON! This is a site for deals not political opinions, don't worry, nobody knows your true identity! How hard it must be to live life always worrying about how you are judged depending on things you buy, shops you visit, newspapers you glance at etc, I can't stand all that nonsense. I deliberately read the mail in the staff room at work because someone once said "Oh you're not reading the mail are you?!".
couldnt pay me to touch the scum
Too true puddalina. If I choose to read Dear Deirdre and enjoy it, I don't need pseudo intellectuals telling me not to read something they don't like. It's like the gestapo.
I wouldn't go for this either, sorry. Nasty hate peddlars :-(
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