The Sun/Tesco fireworks voucher buy £15 and get £25 free

The Sun/Tesco fireworks voucher buy £15 and get £25 free

Found 19th Oct 2014
Just been handed this coupon from the sun...spend £15 and get above firework apparently worth £25 for free. The pic show 4 in a box. may come in handy dor someone...I think this offer has been on before.

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Is this in today's Sun newspaper?
Anymore Info like is it todays paper, how long does the offer last and any chance of a picture of the voucher.
ive used the voucher sorry.. ill check suns website
voucher lasts til today but my local Tesco stops selling fireworks after 1400 on a Sunday! Catalogue not showing what 'free' firework does, in fact, its not even in their catalogue!!
sorry it is what it is...
Not voted, but wish they wouldn't sell these to the public!
LoL so you posted this deal about 2pm today (sunday) and most if not all tesco's stop selling fireworks at around 2pm. and the deal is only for today ! bit of a pointless post don't you think
sorry...your right I was act given the voucher abt 1pm today, and frog marched to tesco....bought at 1345.

o well thought I was helping.
Supermarket fireworks are terrible!
Used the voucher, but they didn't give me the free one, which looked a bit crap. I'd purchased 2x £25 packs on BOGOF plus two packs of sparklers and lighters... Cost me £3. Don't think the woman on there knew what she was doing.
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