The Surge (PS4) £9.99 @ QD Click and collect

The Surge (PS4) £9.99 @ QD Click and collect

Found 28th Sep 2017
Postage add £3.75

2 only available

  • Combat is challenging and unforgiving. You’ll need to

    carefully study your enemies, rather than blindly rushing and wildly

    swinging your weapon without focus
  • Inflict massive damage onto your enemies, as well as survive dangerous environmental hazards
  • Upgrade armour and weapons
  • Improve your equipment, upgrading your weapons and armour throughout CREO’s scattered safe-rooms
  • CREO’s complex is huge and filled with secrets, intrigue, and threats
  • Age rating: 18
  • SKU...1236449/1117-1148

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Gotta love them quick paypal check outs. nice one thanks
Have been interested in this... although not got around to buying it...
Loved this game eventually, at first it seems harder than Soulsbourne games, but once you get the hang of it it's pretty easy going.

Paid twice this price and didn't regret it, heat from me.
£4 delivery is the stinger though...
imsomethingyournot26 m ago

£4 delivery is the stinger though...

I know that's why i'm waiting for £10
Same price on Xbox One as well, apparently.
Would have gone for it but for the delivery charge
Grabbed the last PS4 copy on a whim, remember streamers playing day 1 and thinking it was pretty good. As a Souls enjoyer, ill take a chance on this. Thanks OP.
Closest store 32 Miles away with 2 in stock.
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