The Takeaway Secret: How to Cook Your Favourite Fast-food at Home (Paperback) 4.49 ' amazon
The Takeaway Secret: How to Cook Your Favourite Fast-food at Home (Paperback) 4.49 ' amazon

The Takeaway Secret: How to Cook Your Favourite Fast-food at Home (Paperback) 4.49 ' amazon

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I've made the Donner Kebab from this and it's excellent, better than the shop one any day

The Takeaway Secret How to cook your favourite fast-food at home
Kenny McGovern
Discover how to cook your own tasty takeaway food at home
The Takeaway Secret is a book which will enable readers to cook their own tasty takeaway food at home. After over 5 years of research and investigation, the secret ingredients and cooking techniques used by takeaway and fast food restaurants can now finally be revealed.

In todays increasingly health conscious and now financially cautious world, theres never been a better time to learn the secrets of cooking your own takeaway food at home. From now on, the takeaway menu will become an inspiration to cook, not an expensive option for dinner.

Some of the recipes which can now be faithfully recreated at home include Lamb Donner and Chicken Kebabs, Chicken and Vegetable Pakora, Szechuan Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Chicken Wings, Spare Ribs, Triple-Decker Burgers, Chicken Burgers, Spiced Onions, Kebab Sauces, Sub Rolls, Wraps and many more. Many recipe books call for an extensive and expensive list of ingredients, often interesting to read but impractical for everyday cooking.

The Takeaway Secret will stand out as the modern cookbook, ideal for a generation of people who desire delicious food, delivered quickly without the need to slave over a hot stove for hours on end. The recipes included make it possible for home cooks, both novice and professional, to recreate their favourite takeaway and fast food restaurant dishes in their own kitchen.


Great book have cooked many things from it, Inc the kebab. :thumbsup:

Do the recipies actually work, i mean do they taste anything like everday fastfood?

Always fancied making a hotdog but have never known what ingredients to buy or where to start.

Brilliant book...the kebab recipe and sauces are outstanding...:thumbsup: Cant wait to try some of the other stuff...

another way for free google.co.uk/

excellent :thumbsup:

Got this book today and it looks great!

Can't wait to try some of the recipes!:thumbsup:

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Has anyone who has this tried the sweet and sour chicken recipe? I've tried a few recipes from different places but they didn't even really taste like sweet and sour!

recipes don't have any copyrights. Sooooo, public domain versions would be cool. I think you may have to change one ingredient quantity, but just add 1g to something.

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