The Tale Of Despereaux - 18th Dec tellten NEW CODE! 154723
The Tale Of Despereaux - 18th Dec tellten NEW CODE! 154723

The Tale Of Despereaux - 18th Dec tellten NEW CODE! 154723

Screenings for the film are tomorrow afternoon at 4pm at the following locations, please note as this is a family film 4 tickets are available per member.

Vue, Dagenham, Essex
Vue, Manchester Lowry, Lancashire
Vue, Watford, Hertfordshire
Vue, Doncaster, England
Vue, Westwood cross Thanet, Kent
Vue, Bristol Cribbs, Gloucestershire
Vue, Edinburgh Ocean Terminal, Midlothian
Vue, Basingstoke, Hampshire & I-O-W
Vue, Birmingham Star City, Warwickshire
Vue, Cheshire Oaks, Cheshire
Vue, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Vue, Leicester, Leicestershire
Vue, Leeds Kirkstall, Yorkshire
Vue, Livingston, Scotland
Vue, West End, London (City)

To check availability of tickets simply go to tellten.co.uk and enter code: 154723


needs to be moved to freebies

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needs to be moved to freebies

I hope a mod can oblige. :thumbsup: I was just trying to follow the crowd when I saw other codes under the deals section.

Already got mine for Manchester but I've added a bit of heat anyway, really looking forward to this. :thumbsup:

great deal - never heard of this before, so many thanks. Just one query - printed off "tickets" - it is side of A4 with film graphic, my name, film details and admit 2.

Do they really let you into the cinema with just this? Just doesn't look official enough.

Anybody whose used this before, if you could clarify, I'd be very grateful.

yes just take printed tickets.i took them to veu and they accepted them ok

many thanks - should be a nice after school treat.

I saw this today - such a cute movie!
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