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The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition (PS4) £3.99 @ PlayStation Store
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The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition (PS4) £3.99 @ PlayStation Store

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Posted 15th May
Players are woven into The Talos Principle on an existential journey as a sentient artificial intelligence placed in a simulation of humanity’s greatest ruins, linked through an arcane cathedral. Guided by the ethereal voice of Elohim, players embark on a journey to discover whether machine and man are one by solving a series of increasingly complex puzzles in an artistically beautiful simulation.

This Deluxe Edition includes:
“Road to Gehenna” Expansion Content, featuring four additional episodes from the pens of Tom Jubert and Jonas Kyratzes to expand the story of self-discovery and put your puzzle-solving skills to the ultimate test.

Complex Conundrums: More than 120 immersive puzzles through the eyes of an advanced artificial intelligence construct.

Croteam Technology: Croteam’s Serious Engine 4 technology, the next advancement in the engine behind the Serious Sam series.
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This game is awesome and you should buy it.
One of my top ten games this gen (and I've played A LOT) Brilliant puzzle game with a great story and packed full of Easter eggs. Loved every bit of the £30 I payed for it on release.
Platinum trophy is not too hard to get either if that’s your thing
Definately grab this if you like games like Portal. This was fantastic.
I love the game but having the Serious Sam voice pack dlc on PC killed it on the PS4 for me, having Sam voice everything was 100% better, need to release it for PS
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