The Thing - Blu-ray - £4.99 @ Amazon

The Thing - Blu-ray - £4.99 @ Amazon

Found 2nd Dec 2011
Based on both the short story by John W. Campbell, Jr. and the 1951 film produced by Howard Hawks, The Thing is John Carpenter's stunning masterpiece of horror. A group of weary scientists enduring the winter in an isolated camp deep in Antarctica chance upon an alien spacecraft buried in the ice. Near the strange craft is the body of an alien being, frozen solid. Thinking they have made the find of a lifetime, the scientists bring the alien body back to camp and thaw it out. The alien awakens, not in the best of moods, and proceeds to take over the identities of the scientists, one by one, body and all. Helicopter pilot MacCready (Kurt Russell) must lead the surviving men in discovering who among them is human and who is not and how they can destroy "the thing" before it takes them all and moves on to the heavily populated mainland and the rest of humanity. Rob Bottin supplies the awe-inspiring special effects of the creature in its many, ever-changing forms. The effects were groundbreaking at the time and hold up flawlessly over the passing years. But Carpenter does not rely solely on special effects, utilizing his spectacular cast, which includes Wilford Brimley and Richard Dysart, to create three dimensional characters enduring an unthinkable situation. The score from Ennio Morricone is understated, yet increases the tense mood tenfold. Shooting was difficult and done in below freezing conditions, but despite the discomfort the cast and crew produced a truly terrifying film that will stand the test of time. The Thing is surely one of Carpenter's definitive films and a true horror classic.
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Good remake and the effects excellent and the latest film is a kinda prequel to this John Carpenter classic

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Good remake and the effects excellent but actually is a kinda prequel … Good remake and the effects excellent but actually is a kinda prequel to the John Carpenter classic

This is the john carpenter version

Good remake and the effects excellent but actually is a kinda … Good remake and the effects excellent but actually is a kinda prequel to the John Carpenter classic
This is the sequel to the new prequel and a remake of the Howard Hawks 1951 original.( But it is still the best by a long way and no "I aint f@@kin kiddin"!
Quality film. Heat.
It's one of those older films that transfers really well to Blu Ray with a noticeable improvement in picture. Classic and a bargain for £4.99
Going to watch the new 'un tonight. This 'un is a classic. Heat.
the comentary on this is great.
The new movie is terrible.
I thought the new one was really good!
effects too digital in the new one (helicopter), still a decent-ish movie tho

bought this a few weeks ago at this price, cracking deal!
I agree effects in prequel are naff. This remake of the original is ace.

This is the john carpenter version

great film!! and a really atmospheric soundtrack!!
The new movie was much better than i thought it was going to be. Liked the ending.
I watched the new one this week and thought It was alright. But I liked John Carpenter's classic version. But this a great deal have some heat on the house
Love this film, creeped me out so much as a kid in the early 80s as did carpenter's the fog.
The bluray reviews convinced me to ditch me trusty dvd!!...great price thanks.
great flick and transfer, heat


Oh yes sorry just watched the new film so was confused oO .Too many aliens too much Brandy
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Thanks for this. Saw the lastest one the other night, started off well but soon turned to ****.
The new one isn't a patch on JC's one. The new 'premake' looked as if it was intended for modern teenage tastes so didn't really appeal to this somewhat older bloke.

Does this have all the extras and bonus material that came with the 2003 DVD edition?
sold out now :L
Ordered lastnight, thanks
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