the thing blu-ray £5.99 at dvd gold

the thing blu-ray £5.99 at dvd gold

Found 5th Jan 2014
the cheapest price available new. you can get it instore for £4 (used)at cex.
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Heat from me this is a standout bluray, quality for such an old film is incredibel
I want blood sample's from everyone, please
ye a good price. thought this was the recent one. you can actually get this one in a box set with the newer one for a tenner. means a bit of a wait but the price is right if it takes your fancy

Link to boxset
There was an accident. About an hour ago, a small jet went down inside New York City. The President was on board.
Plissken: The president of what?
Beautiful film and the prequel, while nowhere near as good as this, is still a nice little addition.

I only noticed on the blu ray transfer - the doc wears a nose ring..?!
Edited by: "Neel" 5th Jan 2014

I only noticed on the blu ray transfer - the doc wears a nose ring..?!

Copper? Yep, that's one of the great things about HD.

If you squint you can also now see Robert Patrick's **** in Terminator 2.
Is that just wishful thinking on your part I'm going to take your word on that..

Copper's nose ring always bugs me. It looks slightly strange on an oldish man and it's only apparent in one scene then disappears throughout the rest of the film.

Either way, an astonishing film with a great ending.

Animatronics showing CGI how its done.
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