The Thrills: Teenager CD+DVD Only £8 @ HMV Instore

The Thrills: Teenager CD+DVD Only £8 @ HMV Instore

Found 30th Mar 2008
I've recently got back from a trip to Edinburgh and whilst there went into a HMV Store looking for the third album by The Thrills. Surprise, surprise the album was priced at around £16, but imagine my even greater surprise what did I find tucked away behind the stash of albums? Only the CD+DVD version of the album at £8 half the price!

I think online the ordinary version of the album is around £10.99 give or take, whilst the CD+DVD version of the album is roughly £15 ish.

Normally I wouldn't buy a CD+DVD version of an album but this one is well worth the money and the DVD is very good too.

Might only appeal to Thrills fans or anyone considering getting the album and I'm assuming this is instore only and might just have been a one-off when I bought it. But at £8 it's the cheapest I've ever seen this version!


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Why are peeps voting cold? Can you by this version cheaper anywhere else?

Yes, you can - £7.93 at TheHut/Asda/Lovefilm/Dixons/Currys.

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What's 7p!

?! There's some ruthless voters out there! It's still a great deal, voted HOT!!!!

7p is the difference between sitting at your PC and having it guaranteed delivered to your door, versus going to down to an HMV (if there's one near you) on the off-chance that they might have a (potentially mispriced) copy at £8.
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