The Tick - Complete Seasons 2 and 3 £7.99 each @ Play (Free delivery/Quidco/RAC 5%)

The Tick - Complete Seasons 2 and 3 £7.99 each @ Play (Free delivery/Quidco/RAC 5%)

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Found 28th Jan 2009
Evil-doers, check your rearview mirror because justice is closer than it appears! Everyone's favorite big blue hero, along with his trusty sidekick Arthur, is back for more hilarious adventures in The Tick Vs. Season Two. With a heart as big as the moon and as warm as bathwater, The Tick flexes the muscle of goodness to keep the citizens of The City safe from the strangest collection of villains yet.

Season Two brings the return of uber-villains El Seed and Brainchild, our heroes make their reality TV debuts and The Tick whittles himself a new sidekick when a woman comes between him and his old chum Arthur. With a cornucopia of laughs and thrills stuffed onto two shiny discs, The Tick Vs. Season Two delivers a one-two punch of goodness straight to your home.

I know the complete boxset has previously been available for £15. But it's £30 + now. Anyway, this is for anyone who has season 1 already (which is a silly price on its own) and wants to complete the collection.


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The Tick - Complete Season 3 £7.99…QHW
Listen up evil doers... The Tick is back and he most certainly means business! Everyone's favourite bright blue, square jawed, tight wearing crime fighter swings into the fray once more, determined to crush evil like a bright blue evil crushing machine!

Sworn to keep his beloved city 100% evil free, The Tick confronts his almightiest challenges yet in The Tick vs Season Three... Variously facing temporary abandonment by his friendly sidekick Arthur and having to spoon spank the independently malevolent forces of science and Europe!

So sit up straight and pay attention, The Tick is ready to deliver one final "hurrah" into the crackling face of crime... bounding into action to snap the backbone of wickedness with the brute force gallantry of goodness!

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