The Tick - The Complete Collection (Season 1-3) [1994]

The Tick - The Complete Collection (Season 1-3) [1994]

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Product Description
Attention all Evil-Doers! And I do mean ALL of you ... because everyone s favourite blue, tight-wearing, square-jawed superhero is here for The Tick vs. The Complete Collection! Hugging the City with his big blue arms of goodness, The Tick and long suffering sidekick Arthur are ready to splatter Evil in the ultimate paint ball game of justice. So duck, dive and shout ''Go Get 'Em'' as truth, justice and our big blue, wheat-loving hero swing into the fray for the ultimate villain-busting extravaganza! Includes All 36 Evil-busting Episodes!

The Tick, that big, blue, 'nigh-invulnerable' but none-too-bright cartoon defender of truth and justice, stars in three hilarious, goofy, and very sharp series of the show as defender of The City. He joins up with his loyal sidekick, Arthur, an accountant in a moth suit, and together they battle evil in all its guises, exchanging loopy, brilliant dialogue, and meeting up with characters like El Seed and Brainchild.


i am not evil :x


absolute bargain

voted hot as its a great price and has a cult following

dont like it myself tho :-)

Katie Greggs;2499045

i am not evil :x

Yeah you are :viking:

Well I'm "The evil midnight bomber WOT bombs at midnight!! YEAH BABY!!!" :w00t:

I am SOOO having this!

Bargain, been waiting for this to drop in price for ages now, this definitely needs more heat!!!!!!!!!

much more entertaining than matrix trilogy on blu-ray

check this out ]http//ww…ted

Hot! Great spot!


"Destiny's powerful hand has made the bed of my future, and it's up to me to lie in it. I am destined to be a superhero. To right wrongs, and to pound two-fisted justice into the hearts of evildoers everywhere. And you don't fight destiny. No sir. And, you don't eat crackers in the bed of your future, or you get all... scratchy."

Awesome, buy buy buy!!

i use to love this as a kid

forking sweet

i shall be getting this, been waitng for it to drop for a while

[COLOR=#cc6600]Product details[/COLOR]

[*]Format: Animated, Box set, PAL
[*]Language Portuguese :?
[*]Region: Region 2 ( ][COLOR=#003399]DVD formats.[/COLOR])
[*]Number of discs: 6[/LIST]

Doesn't .97 mean it's being discontinued? If so, be quick!

this was so funny, , chipendale chair face as the baddie, still wouldnt pay this much to watch it again though especially in portugese, my spelling looks soo ****

[COLOR=black]I think the[/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=serif] Portuguese[/FONT] tag is shown as one of the [/COLOR][COLOR=black][FONT=serif]villains [/FONT](El Seed?) spoke it and was subbed, the rest will be English.[/COLOR]

Just confirming that this is the english version It arrived today thanks for the great deal
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