The Times Atlas of the World: Concise Edition Hardcover was £72:00 ! ? £19.99 @ Amazon

The Times Atlas of the World: Concise Edition Hardcover was £72:00 ! ? £19.99 @ Amazon

Found 26th Dec 2014
Lighting deal

Times atlases and maps have been produced by the world's leading atlas makers for over 100 years. Today the latest digital technology is used to make the world's most authoritative and prestigious world atlases.

John Bartholomew & Son Ltd. was initially situated in Edinburgh. This is where the firm pioneered landmark achievements such as the first half-inch to one mile Reduced Ordnance Survey Maps of Scotland in 1875 and the Times Survey Atlas of the World in 1922, supplementing the first Times Atlas, which was produced in 1895 with maps by the German firm Velhagen & Klasing. The Bartholomews also produced extensive mapping in support of the military during the Second World War. In 1989, John Bartholomew & Son Ltd became part of the newly formed HarperCollins, and moved to its current location near Glasgow in 1995.


bought one - very nice! shame it's not just before xmas - would've made a good gift for my old man!

Saw it today for £7 in W H Smiths.

I paid £19.50 for it in May.

£5 in Kidderminster WH Smiths...

This is NOT £5 or £7 in WH Smith. The covers are similar, but it's actually this one you're on about:…057

This is the one being sold by Amazon today:…514

£72 on Amazon.

As above, there are several versions with fairly ambiguous titles. Last year I bought the 'reference' version as part of a 2 for £10 deal at WH Smiths. Its RRP was £30 and although it's a beautiful book this version is further up the chain and so a good deal.

I bought this one. £5.00…age

Found on here! Last year unfortunately.

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