The Times/Sunday Times £23.83+£25 John Lewis Voucher+Quidco 15%-PROFIT £4.74!

The Times/Sunday Times £23.83+£25 John Lewis Voucher+Quidco 15%-PROFIT £4.74!

Found 15th Jun 2009
This is my first please be

FREE £25 John Lewis Voucher!

Subscribe to The Times and receive a free £25 John Lewis Voucher!
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THE TIMES AND THE SUNDAY TIMES - PLUS FREE JOHN LEWIS GIFT VOUCHER : Seven days a week, you get the best journalism in the business from The Times and The Sunday Times. Now you can get it for less with a regular subscription. Not only will it save you up to £2.50 a week, we'll also give you a £25 John Lewis voucher!

FREE Culture+ Membership
You will also receive complimentary membership to Culture+, an arts and entertainment rewards programme exclusive to subscribers of The Times and The Sunday Times. Some highlights you can look forward to are:

Free admission to hundreds of galleries, museums and historic houses.
Priority booking for the most talked-about plays, shows and exhibitions.
Exclusive offers from Sky TV, The National Theatre and Picturehouse cinemas.
Invitations to exclusive events.
A membership card which allows you ongoing privileges.

How it works
You will receive a set of vouchers in the post every 12 weeks. Just take them to the newsagents and present them instead of money.

You will also be able to arrange up to five weeks of subscription holidays per year so that you do not pay for unwanted papers whilst you are away.

The Offer
The offer is just £23.83 per monthly direct debit. Please note this is an average, the exact amount will vary according to how many days there are in a given month. In addition, The Times and The Sunday Times reserve the right to adjust the average price per month provided they give you written notice in advance. Minimum subscription term is 24 weeks.

This works out at just £5.50 per week, a saving of over 30% on the cover price! Plus we will send you your £25 John Lewis voucher absolutely free. Hurry this offer is only available for a limited time.

These are dated coupons and cant see a set term to sign too.

Cost £23.83-£25.00 JL Voucher-15% Quidco (£3.57)=£4.74 PROFIT....Is that correct???

Maybe this will benefit someone????

Ive probably done it all wrong, so apologise if I have!

Dont forget Quidco!!!!



Original Poster says minimum subscription....24 weeks! I am such a div....please delete if possible as not really a good deal now, unless you generally buy the times daily anyway.

I am really sorry|!!


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