The Tinto Brass Collection Box Set (8 Discs) - £17.95
The Tinto Brass Collection Box Set (8 Discs) - £17.95

The Tinto Brass Collection Box Set (8 Discs) - £17.95

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The legendary Tinto Brass, the king of erotica, presents this superb 8 disc DVD box set containing 8 of his greatest films. Known as 'Il Maestro' in his native Italy, Tinto Brass is without doubt the world's most talented erotic cinematographer.

The Key 'The Key' of the title opens the drawer where, unknown to each other, the husband and wife hide their diaries. Nino wants his wife, who is 18 years younger than him, to open up her soul sexually. To this end he sheds his inhibitions in his diary, writing down his most bizarre sexual fantasies. He then discovers that his wife and their daughter's fiance, Laslo, are attracted to each other. Nino tries to stimulate an affair by taking explicit photographs of Teresa and having Laslo develop them...

Cheeky Carla is an attractive, carefree young woman from Venice who comes to London to find a place for her lover Matteo and herself to live. At an estate agency the proprietress, Moira, makes some explicit sexual overtures to Carla which she finds intriguing...

All Ladies Do It Diane and Paul are happily married, mainly due to Diane's sexual adventures. She can't resist casual affairs and recounts them to her husband who finds them arousing. Yet, when Diane returns from a visit to Venice with bite marks on her, Paul's suppressed jealousy erupts...

Paprika In a masterful combination of provocative showgirl revue, incisive parody, scandalous erotica and tender romance, Madame Colette's delicious brothel becomes the fantastic surreal world where the generously endowed Mimma takes her first steps as lady-of-the-night "Paprika".

Miranda Miranda is the landlady of a tavern in a small village somewhere in post-war Italy who is looking for a husband. During her quest she tries out an assortment of lovers for size including: a rich politician, a passing American GI, and a local gigolo, while all the time leading on and teasing the waiter she employs.

Frivolous Lola Lola is a young, lively and beautiful girl who has just go to engaged to Masetto, the local baker's son. Unfortunately he is a little old fashioned and convinced that she has to remain a virgin until after their wedding. Things become complicated when Lola starts feeling dangerously attracted to Andre, her mother's lover, a much more experienced man...

Private Lies, subterfuge, betrayal and mischief: 'Private' is a collection of six stories based on the joys of sexuality and the eroticism of a new generation of women...

Black Angel 1945: with the war and fascism coming to an end, Livia is travelling from Asolo to Venice to meet her secret lover Helmut Shultz (Gabriel Garko). Livia begins to vividly relive the high points of the devastating sexual abandonment that has shaped her life...

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