The Tomorrow People - series 1 - £3.39 delivered (misprice?)

The Tomorrow People - series 1 - £3.39 delivered (misprice?)

Found 18th Feb 2008
The Slaves Of Jedikiah 14-year old Stephen has been haunted by strange voices and terrifying nightmares. He believes he must be going mad, until the mysterious Carol pays him a visit to explain that he is being watched by the Tomorrow People who have been tracking his psychic cries for help. Stephen is "breaking out" and it is now time for him to join with Carol, John, Kenny and TIM in their intergalactic quest to stop wars and put the world in order. But his transformation into homo-superior has also caught the attention of the evil shape-changing robot Jedikiah who needs Stephen's telepathic powers to free his spaceship from Earth's orbit. Will Jedikiah succeed, and if so what terrible fate will he then bring to bear on the Planet Earth?
The Medusa Strain The Tomorrow People are back to pit their wits and telekinetic abilities against the most terrifying villains in all time and space. Intent on revenge, the sinister robot Jedikiah embarks on a new and even more dangerous attempt to destroy the Tomorrow People. This time enlisting Count Rabowski the space pirate from the year 2526, Jedikiah hatches an audacious plan involving freezing time and the theft of the Crown Jewels. Who are the mysterious Eternal Order of the Guardians of the Time Lanes? Will Rabowski succeed in strangling the development of Earth's telepaths at its root? How can the Tomorrow People possibly emerge triumphant?

The Vanishing Earth In an adventure that takes in a fairground's haunted house, an alien spaceship and a trip to the seaside, the Tomorrow People find themselves pitted against the terrifying Spidron, an evil villain with the ability to conjure up earthquakes and volcanoes at will. Seemingly hell bent on the destruction of all humanity, only the Tomorrow People stand in the way of the full force of Spidron's fury. How can the Tomorrow People defeat a menace able to inflict such catastrophic damage? Is the end of the world finally at hand?


Thought the series was rubbish but good price heat added

The next cheapest price is £9.99 @

The only slight problem is that this item is "Available On Order" but I have ordered one anyway - Heat Added.

I thought this series was great, mind you it was a good few years ago heat given :thumbsup:


Thought the series was rubbish but good price heat added

me to

Might not be a misprice guys these were on the clearance pallets a certain UK wholesaler was clearing a few months back, so I think it will be honored as theres no shortage of them.
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