The *Touchscreen* Fly SLT100 - now reduced to £35.99 delivered on T-Mobile PAYG using voucher @

The *Touchscreen* Fly SLT100 - now reduced to £35.99 delivered on T-Mobile PAYG using voucher @

Found 24th Nov 2008 have the Fly SLT100 for £39.99, as previously posted. This was popular when previously posted, but have since issued a product-specific code which brings the price of this phone down by £4 to just £35.99 with free delivery. QuidCo is 4%.

* Built in 2 megapixel camera with zoom
* MP3 music player
* Colour screen - 240 x 320 screen resolution
* Touch screen
* Video capture and playback
* Bluetooth
* 25 MB built in memory
* Triband - works in almost every country
* Talk time - up to 150 minutes
* Stand by time up to 180 hours
* Vibration alert
* Pre-installed games
* Mobile Internet compatible
* 14.9 mm slim slider
* Size: 96mm x 49mm x 14.9mm


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[center][size=5]]The Fly SLT100 @[/size]
[size=5]Just £35.99 delivered on T-Mobile Pay As You Go[/size]


[size=4]Use the promo code "PLPREDISX8" to get this price.

This is a great phone with some really cool features, at a price that shouldn't break the bank.[/size]

is it unlocked/unlockable? for how much?


is it unlocked/unlockable? for how much? says t-mobile so i guess its unlockable, but will not come unlocked.

OK thanks... :thumbsup:

I ordered one of these on the 17th after seeing it on this site.
It says 4-5 day delivery time. Well 7 days have gone and not a sausage. If I check online my order still says 'order recieved'.

checkout the reviews link on it first though, from the previous post a week or so ago

Out of Stock-Shame.

Same story here. Ordered one when previously mentioned on HDUK, but no sign of it so far. My account says 'order taken', but I suspect we may not actually see these delivered. Play are usually very prompt or eventually email to say they can't fulfill the order.

I notice they have the T Mobile for £40 and the Virgin for £50 - don't Virgin piggy back on T Mobiles network? Don't Virgin sims work in T Mobile phones?

Wonder if this will arrive ?
Fly SLT100 T-Mobile Pre-Pay Mobile Phone (Black) (Mobile)

* Discount: 10% Off Selected Pre-Pay Mobile
* Deliver to::thinking:
£39.99 £35.99

Order Accepted
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