The Trial DVD £2.49 + Free Delivery @ Sendit

The Trial DVD £2.49 + Free Delivery @ Sendit

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Found 30th Sep 2009
Harold Pinter, winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize for Literature wrote the screenplay for this adaptation of Franz Kafka's classic novel. Beautifully photographed in Prague, the film faithfully conveys, with humour and menace, Kafka's themes of futility, confusion, alienation and bureaucratic madness.

When senior bank clerk Josef K is arrested on the morning of his 30th birthday, he treats it with his customary flippancy. With no explanation given for his arrest, he expects to deal rationally with any charges. Summoned for a hearing, he is harshly dealt with by the magistrate, but is allowed to continue with his life.

Unaware of the crime he is accused of committing, blind to the legal system into which he is entangled and assumed by all to be guilty; Josef is forced further and further into a maze of officialdom. Will anyone hear his pleas of innocence? Is there any way out of the suffocating process? Or is he doomed to live out the nightmare to the very end?

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