The Tudors: Complete Seasons 1 And 2 [Blu-ray] £21.97 delivered @ Amazon
The Tudors: Complete Seasons 1 And 2 [Blu-ray] £21.97 delivered @ Amazon

The Tudors: Complete Seasons 1 And 2 [Blu-ray] £21.97 delivered @ Amazon

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Season 1
Pulling few punches and garnering its fair share of headlines as a result, The Tudors is a controversial, yet compelling period piece, that dramatically tells the story of the early years of King Henry VIII. Not for nothing, though, has it attracted its fair share of awards attention. For The Tudors is a complex drama, and not one to simplify its storylines. The young Henry, for instance, is exploring his muddled romances and his insecurities, against the challenges his kingdom is facing. Its a plate-full for him to deal with, and in the hands of a superb performance from Jonathan Rhys Meyers--a real revelation in the role--as the young Henry, its all vividly and skillfully knitted together.

But The Tudors isnt just about its central character, for theres a terrific supporting cast at work too. Sam Neills Cardinal Wolsey, Jeremy Northams Thomas More and Natalie Dormers Ann Boleyn are just some who earn plaudits here. Behind the camera theres the pen of Elizabeth writer Michael Hirst at work, and he too deserves much credit, clearly getting his teeth into the fascinating subject matter.

The Tudors is, undoubtedly, a graphic production, and earns its 15 certificate comfortably. Its also been knocked for the liberties it takes with its history when putting its story across, with some justification. But its also most certainly terrific television, mixing in high production values with strong performances. In short, the ten episodes here will simply have you thirsting for the next series. Not before youve re-watched Season One a few times, though... --Jon Foster

Season 2
The Tudors: Season 2 begins with all the passion, violence and dark intrigue of the award-winning first series. King Henry (the dashing Jonathan Rhys Meyers) has appointed himself head of the Church of England. Meanwhile, upon the insistence of Anne Boleyn (Natalie Dormer), Henry breaks all contacts with Katherine and the noble Queen is banished from her court. Furthermore, a cook is blackmailed into poisoning a high-ranking bishop--then boiled alive for his crime. The Reformation has begun.
Focusing on the early years of King Henry VIII's reign, The Tudors looks at the colourful personal life and tremendously influential political life of the monarch. King Henry VIII (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) was obsessed with having a male heir, which led to him marrying six times. Rome's decision not to grant him a divorce led to him taking on the power of the Catholic Church, changing Christianity forever in England. Features all 20 episodes of the first and second series of The Tudors.


no idea if it is a good price but a totally fantastic show

Has this show finished now or is there likely to be future releases?

Well there are 3 series so far

One of the Amazon reviewers says that the quality is rubbish - anyone else seen/got these? was going to buy it for the missus.

I've never got into the show myself - but she loves it.

Now House on Bluray - that's what i'm waiting for....

Thanks, have been looking for a good price on this. Shame there's not a boxset that includes the third series as well.

Roddie - there is, here's the link
Series 3 is the best so far, and for £34.48 for all three seasons, it's a greate deal!
Series 4, showing this autumn, will be the last, BTW

Ordered, cheers

Cheaper than buying the individual seasons.

Ah, I meant for Blu-ray, but thanks for the link.
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