The Tudors seasons 1-4 (13 discs on dvd) from Sainsburys Entertainment for £15.

The Tudors seasons 1-4 (13 discs on dvd) from Sainsburys Entertainment for £15.

Found 20th Jun 2013
Next cheapest price I can find is Amazon at £16.02.

Golden Globe Award-winning Jonathan Rhys Meyers gives the performance of a lifetime as England's most notorious king in the thrilling hit drama series, THE TUDORS. King Henry VIII's fierce passion to secure England's world prominence and his own legacy leads him through a string of six wives, an ill-advised war with France, and ultimately a place in history as one of the world's most charismatic, most brutal, and most deeply human kings. The all-star cast includes Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Sam Neill, Peter O'Toole, Joely Richardson and Henry Cavill.

Get all four seasons of heart-pounding action and edge-of-your seat intrigue in this critically-acclaimed series that redefined historical dramas. Experience life in Tudor times with six featurettes, including "Henry's Wives Club" which takes a closer look at the women in his life, "Reviving history" - 'Find out how the creator and crew brought history to life in a way that modern audiences could relate to. Plus an interactive timeline of the Tudor Dynasty, all you've ever wanted to know about Henry VIII and his court and much more! Hirst’s Castle: The man behind the Tudors. Creator and writer Michael Hirst shares how he created this epic series and his inspiration for the emotional conclusion. Reviving History: 'The creators, cast, and crew share the secrets of making history jump to life in a way that modern audiences can relate to. Royal Manners: Using the book of royal manners, learn the intricate rules that people followed when in the presence of Henry VIII in order to keep their heads. Retha Warnicke uncovers the theories behind Anne Boleyn’s execution and explains how each wife changed the course of history. History of the Tudor Rose: Learn the fascinating history behind the creation of this legendary symbol of unity, allegiance, and respect. Medieval Arms: Swords, daggers, cannons and more! Jeffrey Hedgecook of Historic Enterprises details the design of these amazing weapons and their surprising uses. Bloopers Your backstage pass to all the behind-the-scenes fun as the cast makes hilarious unscripted gaffs while shooting The Tudors. Deleted Scenes Accepting the King's Pardon u A letter from Prince Edward u The Investigation of Queen Catherine Howard ... and many more! Tudors 500th Anniversary Featurettes: British Library u Tower of London u Hampton Court Interactive Bonus Features: Tracking The Tudor Dynasty.
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Great price for all 4 seasons, hot from me!
A few Nectar points as well. I was watching some of this on tv a week or so back and it was quite gripping. I am not sure what price HMV charge in store. You never know if they might be cheaper. (Doubt it.)
I've been watching reruns of this on BBC at midnight and its been great but on so late at night - I was yawning all the next day.
It's on the Lovefilm Instant streaming service for those that have it through a smart device.
Tudor Hollyoaks. Decent price though.
At £15 this is still a great price. £2.45 more on Amazon. Much more elsewhere.
Top, top series. I really enjoyed it to be honest.
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