The Ultimate Bourne Collection [Blu-ray] £17.85 @ Amazon & The Hut

The Ultimate Bourne Collection [Blu-ray] £17.85 @ Amazon & The Hut

Found 20th Mar 2010Made hot 21st Mar 2010
The Ultimate Bourne Collection [Blu-ray] £17.85 @ Amazon & The Hut

Amazon says dispatch within 24 hours - The Hut within 3 days

Features the action-packed Jason Bourne thrillers THE BOURNE IDENTITY, THE BOURNE SUPREMACY, and THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM.

In THE BOURNE IDENTITY, a man who may or may not be Jason Bourne is found floating in the Mediterranean Sea and is hauled onto a fishing boat. When the ship's doctor examines the unconscious castaway, he discovers two bullet wounds and an implanted device that displays a Swiss bank account number. With nothing but this code, the amnesiac Bourne travels to Zurich and gains access to a safe-deposit box containing a gun, thousands of dollars in various currencies, and valid passports from numerous countries--each listing a different identity. Within minutes, Bourne is on the run from a seemingly ever-present agency.

In THE BOURNE SUPREMACY, Bourne is forced out of hiding as the result of an attempt on his life and fulfills his earlier promise to wreak vengeance on his former CIA employers, some of whom may be in league with murderous Russians.

In THE BOURNE SUPREMACY, Jason Bourne searches for his own identity after a bout of amnesia, leading him on a globe-trekking trip in which he must avoid the zinging bullets of cops and assassins who are out to stop him before he uncovers the truth.


All 3 films are great and look so amazing and crisp in HD and certainly worth less than £6 each.

I'm probably going to get this now

its less than £6 a blu ray....I own the last 2 on HD DVD
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